Our 'Invitation to Adventure' Giveaway


That word gets tossed around a lot and used quite often. It's a saddening thought to think that such a beautiful, full-of-deep-meaning word has become somewhat cliche. But here at Light & Letter we're passionate about words. We believe they're full of power and life. And, if used correctly, can change the world for the infinitely better. That's why we want to bring the word 'adventure' back. To make you fall in love with it all over again. 

With this giveaway comes an invitation to passionately pursue your life. You only have one and it deserves to be lived out to the fullest of it's glorious potential. We simply want to remind you to appreciate your life for the adventure that it is. Whether it's scaling mountaintops and exploring unknown, wooded paths or raising babies and making a home for your family; your life is precious. Your life is important. It matters. Light & Letter Photography wants to help you see that. To show you the importance of preserving and telling the story of it. That's what we want to do for you. 

Now, on to the giveaway items! 


Item No. 1: Carabello Coffee

We'll start with the coffee because that's what everything needs to start with right? This is coffee locally roasted right here in Northern Kentucky. We stumbled upon Carabello Coffee some time last year and absolutely love everything they're about (not just the delicious roasts!). Be sure to check out their website to read their beautiful story. 

Coffee, for us, is a daily ritual that has taught us the benefit of slowing down. Of savoring. Sometimes 'appreciating the adventure of life' can be as simple as pouring a warm cup of coffee for yourself or a friend and making the time to just stop and be.

Item No. 2: Two Moleskin notebooks.

We found these to be perfect for taking along with you anywhere to jot down notes. Their slender size makes them easy to fit into your everyday life. Everyone needs a couple of these! Memories or ideas can be fleeting and taking the time to write them down is a discipline that we can all benefit from. We hope these little journals encourage you to do just that.

Item No. 4: A $20 gift card to TOMS

We've been huge fans of this company for some time now. If you don't know what they're all about it's basically this: You purchase and item from them and they give similar items to people who desperately need them 'one for one'. Oh, and it's not just shoes anymore, they have all kinds of nifty products. If you happen to win, you get to use the gift card to pick out whatever you want and help give back. 

Thinking of others and ways to help them is a guaranteed way to not waste your life. Our hope is that this gift card shows you one of the many ways that you can be a blessing to others. 

Item No. 4: Volume three of Wolftree Magazine.

Through a series of random events, we discovered this magazine (and the amazing people behind it) via Instagram. We've ordered every issue they've put out!  In their own words, "Wolftree is a magazine for makers, dreas and adventurers." It's a beautiful piece of craftsmanship all in itself. Inside you'll find it chock full of stories featuring artists of all shapes and sizes. By having it in your home and reading about the adventures of every day folk like yourself, we hope that you can be inspired to start one of your own. 

Item No 5: The Indigo Scout Backpack from Bradley Mountain 

This company is all about making things, and making them well. They're devoted to presenting you with a handmade, quality product that they've poured time and attention to personal detail into. We love this backpack. It's perfect for either a guy or a gal and big enough to fit everything you might need to carry with you all your every day travels. 

And finally, here's how you can be entered for a chance to win ALL of this (isn't it exciting?!).

Step 1: Snag the picture below to share and tag us (@lightandletter, Light & Letter Photography) on either Facebook or Instagram. 

Step 2: Leave a comment back here once you do that and tell us how you would use the items. Would you give them to a friend? Keep it for yourself and let it inspire everyday adventures? Would you split it all up between your best buds? We want to know! Tell us a little story about yourself and how all these things would inspire you start the adventure of your life right now. 

Once you share the picture and leave a comment on this post you are officially entered to win! This giveaway will be open for exactly one week. After next Thursday, we all get to find out who goes home with all of these wonderful products, will it be you?

Ok, that's it! Pretty simple, right? Just take five minutes of your time to share a picture, leave a comment and join us on this journey of living, really living, our lives. You won't believe where doing that will take you and we want to help you get there. 

Let's go!