Still Here

It's obvious that things with our business and this blog have been rather quiet lately. I could go into a long-winded reason as to why that is, but I'll just put it this way: We're new parents. The holidays were very busy. And, it turns out, neither me nor Behr function very well on little sleep (surprise, surprise). I'm way behind on simple day-to-day household activities. Laundry, mopping, cooking, actually putting anything on other than yoga pants, etc. In fact, today was the first day in a while that I actually had a rare couple hours of energy/motivation to clean up a few corners of our home while Behr took his morning nap. I even took pictures to celebrate. But don't let them fool you, the rest of the house is terribly cluttered. Be thankful for the little victories though, amen? 

I'm realizing that this is just the season we're in right now. A time of sleepless nights and endless diaper changes. Of gummy smiles and bright, little eyes. Of crying because we're sad, tired and happy (sometimes all at once). A time for sweet evenings spent on our bed all together and early mornings wishing we could change everything but make it all last forever at the same time. What a beautiful, hard, wonderful, messy, sanctifying period this is for us. 

I know this is the time for a lot of people to share their 'year in review' posts, and I thought about doing that myself, but decided to just share a little of what's happening now in our lives. It's not glamorous, or all that exciting on most days. But it is 'beautifully mundane'; This learning all the quirks of a fresh human and how to best love him. He keeps us laughing and busy and tired and, really, it's all so much better than we dreamed it would be. Not easy. Not perfect. But right and good. 

I'll end this post by sharing some images we've been taking in Behr's nursery. And maaaaybe I'm just excited that I actually look good in these + that new onesie we got him for Christmas had to be documented before he outgrows it (the elbow patches!) + I'm shamelessly promoting our Solly Wrap (best baby product invention ever). I had to be honest with you guys, ok? Ok! 

So there you are, a random-update-this-is-real-life-right-now-oh-my-goodness-our-baby-is-too-cute post. Now if you'll excuse me, I need to go get my son who is currently roaming the house in his walker and getting into the trash bags that need to taken out of the hallway. #bloggingwithbabiestakesseriouspatienceandplanning


p.s if you're interested in seeing more everyday family adventures, feel free to follow me on instagram (@breabird). i tend to post more updates/thoughts there because of how convenient it is while we're on the go. it's become a sort of 'mini blog' for us; an online snapshot journal. all that to say, i love using it and i'd be honoured to see you over there!