Hello to You + New Beginnings

Welcome to the official website/blog for Light & Letter Photography!

(it's about time, right?)

This is something that we've been dying to do for the past year. We're so excited that it's finally able to happen and even more excited that you're here! Take a look around, get to know us, browse our gallery. We'd be honored if you would. And let's be honest, we're proud to show it all off. Launching a new website is kind of like introducing everyone to your newborn baby. "Look what we made! We know you're gonna love it! Isn't this the best ever?!" Ok, ok….we know that no one is as crazy over their 'babies' like the parents may be but everyone enjoys new things, right? Right. Plus if you bear with us and keep reading, we'll explain a bit more about that spectacular giveaway we mentioned earlier (we know that's what you really want to hear about, no shame ;).

We've needed a place for our business to call home for a loooong time. I (Breanne) have been blogging for close to three years over on personal blog. I used is a platform to share our family's life and showcase some of our work. But it was was kept private for a number of personal reasons. We just weren't equipped to make our life 'public' yet. Using that blog was something that I enjoyed doing immensely and will always be grateful to the faithful followers I had there. You all encouraged me to be brave with my writings and photography, to share it unashamedly. It gave me so much confidence and I can't thank y'all enough for that. 

But now, after much consideration and prayer, we're officially integrating our photography business and family blog into one here on this website. It's a scary step, opening up our lives this way. But it's a step that we feel Jesus would have us take to proclaim His love to a world that needs it. Even if it is in such a small way as this. 

This website is now our professional business space as well as our online family journal. You'll see the latest things we've been working on as a business and day-to-day Rodgers family happenings (we all know that basically just means lots of Behr photos, we're still new parents over here, ok?). Regardless, we're over the moon excited to share everything with you. Over the next couple weeks you'll be seeing all kinds of things here. Weddings, portrait sessions, our wonderful adventure to Maine, etc. It'll be a mix of some of our old work and some brand new stuff that we haven't shown anyone yet. So keep your eyes peeled, we can't wait! 

In summary, here's to the new adventure that Jesus is leading us into. Here's to stepping out in faith. Here's to documenting life, telling not just our story, but hopefully yours as well. We're a little scared, super proud, and mostly just plain excited. 

To end this introductory post, I'll explain a more about that giveaway. It's pretty simple really. We just want to share some love with all of you and what better way to do that than to give you chance to win some free stuff?! There'll be a whole post dedicated to it soon where you'll know exactly what it's all about. Basically all we can tell you right now is this:

1. Anyone can enter. 

2. The things we're giving away are amazing (we're tempted to keep them all ourselves!).

3. Here is a clue to what (some) the items are:

Well, there you go! Thanks for reading this 'welcome post' and feel free to browse around the rest of our brand-spankin-new site. We'd love for you to stay awhile. Oh, and maybe tell/share with your buddies? Thanks, y'all are the best!

See you soon! 

Jonathan, Breanne + Behr