Aly {bridal portraits}

This sweet raised-in-the-South lady was one of our lovely summer brides and pure joy to work with. Aly is the kind of person that everyone should want as a friend. She's absolutely hilarious, genuine, encouraging and has gorgeous fashion sense. I mean, just check out that wedding dress of hers, am I right?! You feel put to ease in her company. She never once let the usual stress of the wedding day get her upset. She enjoyed all of it immensely with 'whatever happens, happens' attitude. Simply put, Aly made the day just plain fun (complete with a random dance party in the dressing room).

We feel privileged to have had the opportunity to make these portraits of her. I look back through these images and I realize how precious they are, not only to us, but much more to her and her family. The dress has been packed away, her beautiful flower bouquet has faded but these pictures remain. We were able to preserve Aly just how she was the day she became a bride; wearing her grandmothers peals, with her hair pulled softly back and her eyes rippling with excitement.  She will always remain like that in memory and now in these photographs as well.