Behr Owen - Six Month Portraits

Dear Behr Owen,

In the beginning, we just called you Pickle. At the time, we didn't know if you were a boy or a girl (you are a boy! yay boys!). We didn't know if you'd be cuddly or independent (you're the latter by the way). We didn't know what you're favorite color would be (red). Or that you'd turn out to be a morning person (a really, really, really early morning person). Back then, we didn't know you at all, we just knew that we wanted to. And now, 180 days after meeting you for the first time, and we got just that.

We've since changed your name from Pickle to Jonathan Behr Owen (sort of a big name for such a little person, we know). We settled on those names because we loved the way they sounded together and, more importantly, the meanings behind them. 

strong, gift of God, explorer, courageous, little warrior.

Now here we are, after six months of loving and learning you, and can honestly say that you sure live up to them. You are all your own person and fiercely so. You show us everyday your determination, your unquenchable curiosity and your ability to always, always make us laugh. You bring us so much joy, little baby. 

We just love you. All of you.

Your roly-poly-creamy-smooth skin. The way your tummy falls over the top of your diaper like the tip-top of freshly baked cupcake (it's just as delicious as one too, we might add). And that hilarious face you make when you gasp out of excitement. You mostly sound like an adorable baby dinosaur when you do that, by the way. Or at least what we think an adorable baby dinosaur would sound like.

We're still learning you, we realize that. We've already made mistakes and handled 'Behr situations' the wrong way but we want to keep trying. And trying again. Basically, all we can say is that, even though it's not easy (loving someone all the time never is) we won't ever, ever, ever give up on you.

You are amazing, do you know that? We hope you do. We want to savor and soak up and remember every last bit of you. Maybe that's why we take so many pictures (sorry we're not sorry about that). You're so very important to us and we don't want to forget any part of your life. And that last picture, the one way down at the bottom? Yea, that pretty much sums you right up. Wild-eyed, with a sweet, confident smirk; ready to tackle whatever's headed your way. 

Keep being your beautiful, mischievous, stubborn, lovable, sweet self, ok? We'll work out all the other stuff life is bringing your way together, one day at a time. Jesus had something pretty incredible in mind when He thought up and wove you all together. Just know that we're honored and humbled to be given the gift every day of witnessing the miracle that is you. 

All Our Love (and tickles and kisses and hugs and googly-smitten eyes),

Mama & Daddy