Hello Spring

"When snow melts, what does it become? 'It becomes water, of course.'
Wrong! It becomes Spring!"
-Natsuki Takava

This seasonal transition is slow in arriving here. While everyone else is sharing images of blossoms and green-laden trees, I'm often still gazing out our windows at bare branches and milk skies. I'm not complaining though. Living someplace with harsh Winters makes you truly anticipate and savor Sping. I find myself yearning for it and choking up from happiness when it finally and truly starts happening. It's a (not so) little life lesson I suppose: The barren seasons makes the bountiful ones that much sweeter. 

And I'm happy to report that Spring has arrived in all her fickle glory. It's been broody, bright and beautiful here. We're getting out in it as much as possible. It's incredibly fun introducing the cub to this new world of grass, playful sunlight and shy buds. He's still unsure about much of it, but that's ok. I have a feeling he'll love as much as we do in no time at all.  

Thank You, Jesus that the glittering cold doesn't last forever. 

Thank You, always, for the hope of coming joy.