Your Beautiful Ordinary - Bonnie's Family Shoot

This is the first installment in our project called 'Your Beautiful Ordinary'. Our hope is to enter into your homes, into your everyday normal, and reveal to you how glorious + wonder-filled your mundane can be. We're honored that this family trusted us enough to come to their home and photograph it 'as is'. No trying to impress, no trying to be perfect. Just how things should be. The result, as you will see, was magical.

If you're interested in becoming a part of this project with us please send an email to 

We arrived at this family's home on a brooding, grey day in Tennessee. The kind that makes you want to eat a late breakfast and stay in your pajamas all day (which is pretty much exactly what they did and it was adorable).  Pale, May-morning light sifted through the farmhouse windows and pooled on the floors when we walked in the door. It was our first time there, but it felt like we were returning to visit long time friends. They blended us right in with their family and we couldn't have felt more comfortable. 

We photographed them making  French Toast and paper maché birds. There was a rowdy dog named Jett and tickle fights and playing pretend. There were bare feet and mouths brimming with laughter and a sweet mama's eyes embracing it all. This shoot felt natural, familiar. I think it was because they let down their guard and put away their want to impress. It opened the door to really know them, if only for a brief time. 

This is why we started this project. To quell the voices that scream unattainable standards (in photography or real life); to return to authenticity.  While you scroll through these images,  let them remind you that being real is infinitely better than being perfect.

After all, that's what home is really all about.