The Shelnutt Home

"Suddenly the world
Seems a different place
Somehow full of grace,
Full of light"

 -Les Miserables, Suddenly

Those first days home with your first baby.

They're hazy, magical, tiring. It's a quiet sort of holiness that seems to seep into your very skin; weighing you down and lifting you up all at once. Everything feels different but it's, somehow (maybe?) feels as if it's always been this way. You can't describe it really. All you know is that you're living in a blur of endless diaper changes, wrinkled-up downy skin, squeaking-sleepy noises and learning what it truly means to be smitten by another human being. 

When we visited Tennessee last month, I got to watch a bit of this unfolding in Jeremy and Brandi's home. I'm humbled and grateful that they trusted me to do so. From the way Jeremy lights up on inside when he's interacting with Eleanor, to the quiet confidence I saw blossoming from Brandi as a new mama. It was all completely wonderful to document and I'm happy to let you enjoy today.