Jordan & Hannah-the coming adventure

When Jonathan and I were married, Jordan stood proudly (right at the height of Jonathan's elbow) as the smallest groomsman in our wedding party. He's the tenderhearted, comic relief in the Rodgers family. In many ways, him and Jonathan are nearly identical. I've loved having him as a little brother these last five years. In that period of time, we've watched him leave behind boyhood. He's now taller than Jonathan, works faithfully at his job and, in just short time, will be bringing a baby girl into the world with his beautiful wife, Hannah.

 We had an abnormally warm February evening for their photo shoot. The wind gave us a challenge, but there was just enough golden sunlight to capture that sweet moment in time right before the new baby is born. That time of anticipation, weighty conversations and joy. That time right before everything shifts and your world is changed forever.

Lord willing, sweet baby Allison will be here oh-so-soon. Jordan and Hannah will go to sleep one night as 'just us' and then go to sleep the next with a tiny, fuzz-covered, wrinkly human swaddled next to them. And just like that, a entirely new way of living begins. I won't write any long-winded-big-sister advice for them here. Mostly because I'm still trying to figure out parenthood myself, but really because they're living their own story and I can't wait to see how God writes it. They have each other, they're loved more than they know and, most importantly they have Jesus paving each step of this new adventure with His grace.

I believe they're going to be just fine.