To put it simply, we're a hopeful documentation team burdened with the desire to tell your story. Why? Because we believe it matters.

We believe you matter. 

It's not just about taking pictures and writing words.

It's about preserving your legacy.

What do we mean by that? 

Maybe you're getting married and committing to forever. Perhaps you're traveling to new spaces or launching a fresh bushiness endeavor. Some of you are simply falling deeper in love with your spouse while enjoying the adventure of raising a family. 

That's where we come in.

We want to meet you right where you are, in the big and the little events, in the everyday and on the very-very-special days. By hiring us, you're not just booking a photography session, you're allowing us to show you the wild beauty already present in your life.

Whatever form your story is in right now, we believe it's worthy of recognition and we want you to believe that too. 

We hope to convey to you the amount of excitement we feel over you considering us to document your story. It's not taken lightly. Thank you for entrusting us with this joyful responsibility.

Oh, what grand things we have in store for you! 


We're based out of the Northern Kentucky / Greater Cincinnati area but we're available for travel pretty much anywhere! 

All Light & Letter sessions start at $175 per hour. 

Wedding packages start at $1200.

To view our portfolio, click here.

While we'd much rather meet you in person (preferably at a coffee shop) sending us an email with your questions, comments or hello's will just have to do for now. But, who knows? You contacting us could totally mean we're meeting soon, so get to it!  We'd absolutely love to hear from you! 

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