You could say our together-love-story began in an unlikely way.

We were born hundreds of miles apart and ended up meeting in a state we'd both never been too before: Michigan. Our relationship didn't start until a year later though when he was in Alabama and I was in Mississippi. After almost three years (yes, years) of long-distance dating, he popped the question while we were snowboarding in North Carolina and we were married six months later in Tennessee. Now, we currently make our home in Northern Kentucky with our rowdy firstborn named Behr and Sadie the Great Dane. 

Yes, the path we've walked to end up here was an unlikely one. We might even dare to call it miraculous. Yet, we're not surprised because, well, we know this is just the way God works. He's there in surprising details and delightful twists; in ways that aren't ours, in ways that are far, far better. 

If there's anything you should know about us it's this: our identity is found in Jesus Christ. Yes, we're a husband and wife documentation team. Yes, we love travel and our baby and good food and getting lost in the mountains. But, it's all done for the glory of Jesus and the advancement of His kingdom. Yes, ours is a love story. It's one of how He first loved us so we could spend all of our days learning to love Him back. It's our favorite story of all. 

Thank you for taking time to read about us, friends. We're so glad you're here. And can we let you in on the real secret? We can't wait to really and truly get to know YOU. We do what we do to see the world while revealing stories. Your stories. They matter and they're worth fighting for, we believe in them.

We believe in you. 

Sending all our love, Jonathan, Breanne & Behr Owen Rodgers 


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Rodgers's Family Facts & Favorites

We're of the quiet, deep-feeling, thoughtful sort. We believe in honest conversations, the power of laughter, and a proper mug of French Press coffee. Oh, and naps. We're serious about getting enough sleep around here, as in, it's vital to our existence. We love Pixar movies, unplanned road trips and eating Chipotle at the airport (yes, that's totally a thing). We're happiest when together, preferably outside.